Monday 6 December 2010

Toe Update II

The news is good!!!  Rog’s toe has almost healed.  The podiatrist that he has been seeing at Northampton Hospital has been very pro-active, using different dressings depending on the stage of healing, and it’s done the trick.  No more dressings, and he has started to be able to wear both his trainers as opposed to just one and the ‘special’ shoe (which we have been affectionately, and totally non-politically correctly, referring to as his ‘spacker’ shoe!!)

His visit to St Mary’s at Paddington last Wednesday was over in double-quick time (due to the non-appearance of lots of patients because of the weather) and they have said that unless things change for the worse he needn’t go back  We caught the train back to Northampton two hours before we expected to.

He still has to see the podiatrist next week, and to go to the Foot Clinic at Northampton General in Jan, to be signed off.

So, this will be the last ‘toe update’ unless things change.  Our thanks to everyone who has shown interest and concern, and for all your good wishes.


  1. Great news,you will soon be able tostart cruising again,if the ice goes.

  2. That is fantastic news. May I wish you both a wonderful Christmas, and maybe we will see you cruising next year xx

  3. Joe is sending you a pair of his ballet pumps but he says you have to supply your own tights


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