Thursday 12 July 2012

Almost home….

Today we had a very pleasant day, weather-wise.  We awoke to a blue sky and sunshine.  We set off for Braunston, stopped for water at the Stop-house and indulged in our favourite brunch from the Gongoozlers Rest.  As usual the bottom lock at Braunston was a right buggar’s muddle – boats all over the place.  We were 5th in the queue and subsequently ended up as ‘Billy-no-mates’ as we ascended the 6 wide locks alone!  Braunston tunnel came next, and, for once, we met no boats coming the other way.  At Buckby Wharf, we debated whether we should call it a day and go to the pub, but there was a boat in the top lock awaiting our arrival, so we decided to make the most of having someone to share with, and go down.  We are moored now not far short of Weedon Bec, with about three and a half hours cruising to Gayton Marina, and home.  It’s raining now, but if it’s raining in the morning at least we have no more locks to do.

Yesterday evening we had a very heavy and prolonged rain shower, but were rewarded later with a lovely rainbow, a full one stretching right across the sky, and double for a time.  I’ll leave you with a photo – not of the whole rainbow as we were too close, but half of it.  It’s a week now since we lost Cassie, and we are beginning to recover our equilibrium,  but it would be nice to think that Cassie sent the rainbow especially for us!


12 miles and 13 locks


  1. I am sure Cassie did send that rainbow, just to let you know that she is there now and keeping a watchful eye on you. I always think that my old 'pals' do the same for me whenever I see a rainbow, but it always brings a lump to the throat and a tear (or more) to the eye.
    Hope that you have a good day tomorrow - best wishes

  2. Well you know the rainbow bridge - I always think that rainbows are sent to pick up their souls and take them there.

    I've taken a lot of comfort from that this year - I hope you can too.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream


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