Monday 3 September 2012

A day with Shirl and Andy….

Our friends Shirl and Andy came to visit on Saturday, so we took them out on the boat for a trip to Bugbrooke, lunch in the Wharf pub, and a trip back again.  A lovely day was had by all, with much chat as we caught up with each others doings over the past year or so since we had last got together.

It was also Ozzy’s first trip to a pub, so armed with cow’s ear chews we sat and had lunch in the pub garden.  Ozzy behaved well, apart from occasionally trying to cut us all off at the ankles as he got tangled in his lead while under the table!  He slept for a time back on the boat, having squeezed himself under the back steps, but soon wanted to come back out with us.


Andy and Ozzy


The rest of us!

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