Thursday 28 January 2016

Windsong is sold!

The end of a era - a sad day for us, as Windsong has today become the property of a new owner. 

We enjoyed every second of designing her, watching the build take shape and then cruising in her for the last six and a half years.  We had hoped it would be for longer, but sadly that has not been the case.  Thank you Ally and Neil, for building an exceptional boat. 

We hope Peter, her new owner, has as much fun with her as we did.  Give him a wave if you see him out and about on the cut.

We have made some great friends over the years, some we will probably never see again, some we will always be in touch with, and a few we will see on a regular basis.   And we do intend to hire a boat from time to time when we feel the need for a ‘canal fix’, so there may well be more entries on the blog from time to time.  However the name of the blog may change, in case Peter wants to write one too, but the address will remain the same.

And lastly, thank you to all our regular faithful readers who have put up with my ramblings and bad grammar for so long.

So, farewell for now,  as Arnie says ‘ I’ll be back’.


  1. A hard but understandable decision. Sorry you had to make that decision.

  2. Given it had to be done, I'm glad the pain wasn't long and drawn out. Don't forget the spare room in France xxx

  3. Given it had to be done, I'm glad the pain wasn't long and drawn out. Don't forget the spare room in France xxx

  4. A sad day indeed :(
    But as you say, many happy memories :)
    Looking forward to your future posts

  5. What a shame. Does that I mean I won't get to see you out and about on the cut when I take to my retirement in Canny Lass? I'd heard you'd taken to the water when you left the mob. My turn soon. Hope you're both keeping well.


    1. Hi Geoff

      I Presume this is Geoff from ARTS days?? May still see you as I am a VLK at Grindley Brook locks

    2. Damn right it is. Bought my boat 4 years ago with my gratuity on leaving the regulars. Don't get out on much due to girlfriend preferring holidays in the sun - doesn't consider boating a holiday - and pretty limited on where I can get to while stuck at Ripon Racecourse while I'm still working. Two and a half years to retirement, fingers crossed, then I'm off exploring.


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