Tuesday 1 June 2010

Bank Holiday weekend…

We moved to Bradford-on-Avon on Friday, to spend a couple of days over the weekend (and wished we had stayed at Dundas!)  The moorings were rotten, with a nasty concrete shelf that we kept banging against every time a boat went by.  Of course, it being the Bank Holiday weekend there were hundreds of hire boats out.  We managed to move about 10 feet on Sunday and got rid of the shelf so it was a bit better after that.

We tried to go to Sainsbury’s on Saturday afternoon, but when we got there it was shut due to a serious power-cut, and didn’t open again until about 6 o’clock. By then we couldn’t be bothered, so we tried again on Sunday, and stocked up with supplies.

There was a Fun Day on in the park by the Tithe Barn, with a huge Boot Sale, on Monday so we had a wander around in the early afternoon. We set off for Hilperton at about 4 o’clock, where we were booked in for an engine service at ‘The Boatyard’.  It is a small concern run by a young couple, Victoria and Spencer.  They are a lovely friendly couple, and Spencer certainly knows his stuff – he did an excellent service and easily managed to find and, fingers crossed, fix, our long-standing diesel leak.  We can’t recommend them highly enough, so if you are ever in the area and need anything mechanical doing, please give them a try.  Their prices are extremely reasonable, with diesel at 62p a litre.

Spencer did the services yesterday evening instead of this morning, but they let us stay the night and also a lot of this morning until the rain eased off a bit.

We left the The Boatyard about 10.30 and are now moored at Semington, where we will probably stay until Thursday, then move up to Seend Cleeve in time for Serenity’s guests to arrive on Friday morning.  We plan to do the Devizes flight on Saturday, with crew again, but I’ll bet we can’t beat our record from a few weeks ago.

I probably won’t blog again until after Devizes.

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