Tuesday 29 June 2010


On Saturday we travelled to Windsor.  It was already heaving with boats by the time we got there about 10.30, and very hot indeed, but we were lucky and nipped into a space on Bath Island that a narrowboat had just vacated.

We had a visit from friends Sally and Lisa, and Lisa’s fianc√© Paul on Saturday afternoon.  Great to see you both again, and nice to meet Paul at long last.


On Sunday morning we went for a wander around Winsor.  Karen and I went on the Big Wheel, Windsor's version of the London Eye, and took loads of photos.  Here are just  few

 SDC11026Windsong and Serenity

 SDC11025Eaton side and Windsor side


Winsor Castle

 SDC11021 Karen


The Wheel

We had a look around the town, but didn’t bother with the castle as there were so many tourists, and took a few more photos


 DSCF0004The Queen was at home, as the Royal Standard was flying, but she didn’t invite us for tea!

We were treated to a gathering of disappointed England fans on the island on Sunday evening.  They were noisy but not too bad until a fight almost broke out and then they all started to disperse.  They asked us for a black bag and cleared up all their litter and went on their way by about 9 o’clock, so we had a peaceful last hour outside before we went to bed.

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