Thursday 10 June 2010

O00 arrrrh, we be in Devizes again…

We came up the Devizes flight on Saturday, it took us much longer than the downward trip. We were behind another two boats all the way up so had to empty every lock before we could go in.

 SDC10939Entering the bottom lock of the flight

We moored opposite Devizes Wharf again, and visited Morrison’s yesterday, then on Monday Karen and I had a walk into the town to look around and buy a few bits and pieces, and I had my hair cut.  In the afternoon we paid a visit to the Wadworth Brewery.  Unfortunately we missed the tour around as there are only 2 a day, but we had a mooch around the visitor centre, a tasting session, and both Rog and Ian bought some to bring back to the boats.

 SDC10945The Wadworth Brewery (of  6X and Bishops Tipple fame)

Every day local deliveries of beer are still carried out by a pair of shire horses pulling a dray


 SDC10943The  drays

 SDC10944Full-time job, polishing all the leather and brasses

We had planned to move on to All Cannings on Tuesday where, on the way down, we spotted some nice moorings out in the countryside.  Unfortunately, when we got there they were all full!!  So we had to continue on to Pewsey, getting soaked several times by the very heavy showers.  We found moorings of a sort, but we had our stern end sticking out into the canal as they are badly in need of dredging.

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