Sunday 13 June 2010

Crofton – Great Bedwyn - Hungerford

On Friday we moved to Great Bedwyn.   We found decent moorings and decided to stay for the allowed 48hrs.  We had a wander around the village and picked up a few things we were running out of, and then had a pint or two in the pub before returning to the boats.  We had a decent day yesterday, weather wise, so we had an early bbq in time to watch the England match on the telly.  A disappointing result, but not a total disaster.  Some little scroat nicked our England flag from the tiller some time during Friday night – at 2 for a quid, it wasn’t expensive, and he could have had our spare one if was so poor that he couldn’t afford to buy a couple!  This time we’ve all but nailed it down!!

We have moved to Hungerford today, and are moored beside the church.  At the moment we are being treated to the church bells summoning the faithful to Evensong.  The town seems subdued – the awful events in Cumbria a couple of weeks back have turned all the resident’s thoughts to their own experiences of when the same thing happened here some years ago.

We plan to stay here a couple of days and move on probably on Tuesday.

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