Tuesday 1 June 2010

Whoops - we’ve gone and moored outside another pub – how did that happen..

We travelled a only a short distance again on Wednesday to Bathampton, where we sampled the delights of the George Inn, twice!  Not much more to say about Bathampton really, a pretty place, but not much of it.

On Thursday we departed for Dundas Aqueduct.  Another glorious morning, we took in the scenery along the way


Just outside Bathampton is a swing bridge, beside which is a small service block – or so we thought!  This must be the most expensive ever encountered on the system – it is private, and doesn’t belong to BW.

 SDC10930Unfortunately the prices are not visible on the photo (I should have got off the boat and taken a closer-up one)  but are as follows:     Pump out - £90.00,   Elsan emptying - £30.00,  Water - £30!!!!  We decided that the reason for the extortionate price is because there are a huge amount of permanent moorers in the area, and the owners don’t want it used!  Well, they got their wish, we didn’t use it to empty our loo cassette either.  I suppose it means that they don’t have to clean it every day.  I wonder if anyone has ever used it at those prices – I doubt it!!

Just before we reached Dundas we came across a BW bod and some contractors raising a sunken boat – they looked like they were on to a loser, but we know they suceeded as they came by later after we had moored up with the poor boat breasted up to them.

 SDC10932Trying to raise a sunken boat

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