Tuesday 10 September 2013

A chilly journey…..

We had a chilly, but uneventful journey from Kegworth to Derwent Mouth Lock today.  The wind was blowing a hooley and Rog had his new Beacon Boats fleece on for the first time.  I, on the other hand, am made of sterner stuff and made do with a jumper!  The fleeces were a thank you from Ally to all her customers and distributed at the gathering on Saturday.  Some of the locks are very exposed and the wind on the Trent as we exited the Soar was very strong.


This one’s for you, Ally


The wild and windy Trent

We are back now on muddy ditches, and I can’t say I’m sorry!  The Soar is very beautiful, but I was getting a bit fed up with having to clamber on and off the boat at locks where the sides of the lock landings are very high to cope in times of flood.  Also, the wide locks are getting to me now – the narrow locks can’t come soon enough for me!

We are moored now just above Derwent Mouth Lock on the Trent and Mersey, in the shadow of a humungous wide beam Dutch barge.


6 miles and 4 locks


  1. Hi Pip & Roger,
    Welcome to South Derbyshire, remember to give me a virtual wave as you pass by the Derby Canal junction at Swarkestone, it's the closest you'll get a boat to my house until they dig it out again!
    Enjoy your cruise, only a few more of the wide locks left, watch out for the beast at Stenson though, it can be evil!!

  2. Thanks Kevin - we waved!! All the locks up this stretch are evil!


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