Tuesday 17 September 2013

Another short day…..

We left Alvecote quite early this morning, by 9 am, hoping to get a few hours cruising in before the weather turned nasty.  About an hour and a half to the bottom of the Atherstone flight of 11 locks.  Here we found Yarwood who had crept past us at O-dark hundred this morning, just setting out on a walk into the town.  We queued for the first lock, and had yet another natter while they waited with us until we were in the lock, then took their leave.

  Rare photo of me at the tiller – by kind permission of Lesley, nb Yarwood.  For more photos of me ‘concentrating’ (pulling faces!) visit http://nbyarwood.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/and-on-to-atherstonemaybe.html

We waited again at the second lock, and just as we reached the third the heaven’s opened.  With no time to get my waterproof I got soaked to the skin, and by the time we had ascended lock no 4 we’d had enough, so we moored up and called it a day.  After a nice hot shower and dry clothes I felt a lot better. So, not a great deal of progress made today.  It has rained almost solidly all afternoon with a few breaks, and seems to have stopped now for a while, but we will go no further today.

5.2 miles and 4 locks


  1. Like the new fleece Pip!! I have a similar one. Lynda

  2. Lynda - well, fancy that, we obviously 'shop' at the most exclusive places.
    Pip xxx


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