Monday 2 September 2013

“We’ll never do Foxton Locks on a summer Sunday” we said…..

Sunday 1st September

We left Downtown Hill around 9.15 and had an uneventful cruise to Foxton.  I spent some time inside washing all the porthole glass as we could hardly see out of them.  We waited about an hour before we could start down the locks.  It was heaving with gongoozlers, getting in the way and trying to help!  Rog said that he always thought that one day we’d unexpectedly meet somebody we knew here!  Many a true word spoken in jest!



Amazingly, there isn’t a soul to be seen in this photo – I think they were all in front of us!

Half way down, purely by chance, we were hailed by some very old friends – good job they recognised us and the boat, as I probably would have walked past them in the street!  We met Denise and Peter in Sorrento in 1996, along with their son Simon who was between Emma and Russ in age.  We then went and spent the weekend with them the next year, and have kept in touch through Christmas cards, but hadn’t seen them since.  They bought a ‘narra’ about 7 years ago, and were waiting at the bottom to come up the locks, on their way to their new mooring at Crick.  We met later in Bridge 61 for a good old natter and a catch up.

P9010008 And finally….  A lovely sunset to end the day.

9.9 miles and 11 locks

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