Monday 9 September 2013

And a good weekend was had by all…..

Only 4 boats managed to get to Barrow for the gathering -  Windsong, Serenity, Triskaideka and QE III.  Most of the other owners came by car.  Saturday dawned clear and bright and we showed a few people round the boats.  We met one couple who are future owners, and have booked a slot in 2015, who we all got on very well with.  Great to meet you, Ken and Lynda, and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Ally had arranged a photographer and everyone did a boat shuffle to get the boats all breasted up together. 



Unfortunately as we had arrived from both directions and it was too far to go to turn 2 around, we had 2 facing one way and 2 the other

Pity no boats came along around the bend while we were stretched across the river, we’d have caused a stir!

On Saturday evening when more owners had arrived there was a buffet laid on in the Soar Bridge Inn, and copious amounts of alcohol we consumed.  There was also a cake, and the honour of cutting it went to the owner of the latest boat launched – Willow Two.


As we had a late night and much booze, we were all a little jaded yesterday morning, so took it easy and then 7 of us went to the pub (again!) for Sunday lunch which was very good.  We were treated to an impromptu comedy show by Viv (Beacon’s new painter) who used to be  a stand-up comic, and does a great Jethro impression.  I haven’t laughed so much for ages, and it certainly rounded off the weekend.  The weather turned wet later on and we all spent a dozy evening on our respective boats.

This morning we said our goodbyes and headed off, Triskaideka southwards and us and Serenity northwards as we are going home the long way around.  It was lovely to be boating in company with Karen and Ian on Serenity again, quite like old times! 



We met Doug and James aboard nb Chance at Loughborough Lock and had time for a quick chat – the first time we’ve actually met them, although we feel like we already know them well as we read their blog and they read ours, and they are good friends with Ali and John on Triskaideka.


We stopped at the Soar Boating Club at Normanton on Soar (Karen and Ian are members) and filled with water and diesel as their guests.  Normanton is beautiful with some lovely houses along the river bank




We then continued on to Kegworth where they moor at East Midland Boat Services in a little marina.  We waved goodbye as they turned in, and then, seeing bad weather heading our way, moored a liitle above Kegworth Deep Lock, a lovely spot, and would be very peaceful but for the fact it’s right on the approach to East Midlands Airport!


From the side hatch this evening

9 miles and 5 locks

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  1. Great photos Pip. Alcohol, what alcohol!!!!
    See you soon hopefully



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