Saturday 14 September 2013

A short ‘hop’ to Hopwas…..

I am feeling a bit rough with this cold so it’s a good job we don’t have a load of locks today.  This morning we made the short trip  to Hopwas.  Yarwood were up and gone with the lark, we left a little later after servicing the boat at the ‘felicities’ at Fradley.  Up the lock with a hire-boater helping – she dropped the ground paddle while the lock was still 6 inches away from full, then wondered why she couldn’t open the gate!  They’ve been out for a week so goodness knows what they’ve been doing at locks.  The lock refused to equalize with just one paddle up so I suggested that she might like to open it again – 2 minutes later we were out and away. More haste, less speed!!  Streethay Wharf was as busy as ever, but under new management now, we hear, and all the better for it, apparently.  We arrived at Hopwas about 12.30 and moored up.  Here we will sit out the forecast bad weather tomorrow.  Wish us luck, as according to the forecast the world is about to end tomorrow!!!   We are going up to inspect the two pubs in a bit and see which does Sunday lunch -  we’ve eaten in the Tame Otter before and always had a good meal, but we’ve not tried the Red Lion which is on the opposite bank of the canal.

7 miles and 1 lock

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