Thursday 19 September 2013

Rain, rain and more rain…..

Just a short blog today, no photos.  After servicing the boat at the junction, we left Hawkesbury as it started to rain.  And it rained all morning – I spent a lot of it inside, but I was still cold.  Rog, being a hero, said he didn’t mind if he got wet and stayed at the tiller.  At Rose Narrowboats I donned my ‘wettie’ and clambered off the boat to open the stupid swing bridge.  I had a real problem as the wood had swelled in the rain and the bridge kept sticking on the concrete at the edge.  I struggled and eventually got it two thirds open.  The bloke in the ‘shed’ then came over, muttering, and said ‘it’s not that difficult’, opened it the rest of the way and stomped off.  I was even further incensed by this time – and used some unladylike language at him.  That damn bridge had always annoyed me – I can’t think of anywhere else that is allowed to block the canal for their own business, and if it is allowed then there should be a proper swing bridge, and somewhere to get on and off the boat safely,  not that Heath-Robinsonish affair which is so difficult to open!  Rant over!!!

Newbold Tunnel had only 3 lights this time – I’m sure that as the bulbs go that they won’t be replaced.  A pretty, but totally useless waste of public money.

We continued on through Rugby, briefly considered stopping for some shopping that we didn’t really need, and then carried on as far as the golf course just on the outskirts.  Enough was enough, and thoroughly wet and miserable, we moored up.  The fire was lit and I’ve just started to thaw out, and guess what?  The sun is now shining!!!

14.3 miles and 1 lock (if you can call the stop lock at Hawkesbury a lock!)


  1. We saw the forecast and stayed put, another lazy day, looks better for tomorrow and the weekend.

  2. We should have done the same, but as it was ok when we got up, we thought we'd get going. Still, we got on a bit, even though Rog got wet!


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