Wednesday 18 September 2013

More progress today…..

Having been playing leapfrog with nb Yarwood for the last few days, they failed to sneak past us while we were still in bed this morning – we were up and preparing to depart as they came through the lock behind us.



Lesley lock-wheeling on her bike

We weren’t far behind them, but the first few locks this morning were quite slow as we waited for boats to come down.  However things speeded up for the last few locks as they were ready and waiting.  We had completed the flight by 11 o’clock, passing Yarwood once again as they had moored for a bit of shopping and brunch.  We said our goodbyes yet again, there will be no more leapfrog as we are now past Marston Junction where they will turn onto the Ashby.


Hartshill Yard


Lone telegraph pole, complete with arms and isolators – remnant of a bygone age!


Marston Junction

We decided to crack on past Marston Junction and head for Hawkesbury as the weather was still fine, and we’ve lost a bit of time over the last couple of days.


Past Charity Dock with it’s never-changing heaps of junked boats and it’s ever-changing tableaux of mannequins

We are moored now just about a quarter of a mile short of the visitor moorings at Hawkesbury.  It’s a little quieter here, but maybe it won’t be at 4 o’clock in the morning – the boater moored a little way in front of us says that there were motorbikes roaring up the towpath at that time this morning!

P9180012 Our mooring for tonight

11.7 miles and 7 locks

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